Bridal gown is the main point of focus of the guests. Wedding is the function of bride and groom where they invite their family members and friends so, all of them have the curiosity that what they are going to wear and how they will look like etc. Bridle dress might be wear for once in a life but it would be the reminder for the guests and especially for a bride for a life time. Wedding day is weighed as the big day for bride and groom as well. Both of them having different dreams for their big day. Mostly, when big spot light set on the bride while she is entering, then her wedding gown is the main focus of the audience. Although, every wedding ceremony and dressings belongs to its traditions and cultural norms. Western wedding dress obviously belongs to the western rituals and values and Indian wedding dress belongs to the Indian values and traditions so, there are multiple cultures who have their own norms, values and traditions. Apart from the cultural differences, the main focus of entire audience is the dress of the bride rather she belongs to the Western culture, Indian culture or European culture. Guests makes sure their presence to welcome the couple to their new beginning of life.

Ways to preserve or prevent the bridal gown:

Most of the brides worn the bridal gown for once in their life after wedding bridal gowns mostly left in the plastic covers or in the trunks. This is not the right way to preserve your grown as it’s the memory or the symbol of the big day. There are a lot of memories associated of the bride associated with her bridal gown so, it should be preserved in a right way because plastic cover might faint the color of the bridal gown with the passage of time. Moreover, stain spots may also appear on the bridal gown due to plastic bag. As there is load of memories of a special day of a bride associated with the bridal gown so, she might get upset after seeing her spotted bridal gown. Brides should take some right precautionary measures to prevent her bridal gown from spots. The best way is that bride should clean her gown and wrap the gown in the acid free paper and keep that gown save in the box. This method will definitely preserve your gown and memories associated with that gown.


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