The thought of having to plan a theme celebration at the request of your child could be an overwhelming experience if planning and organizing are not one of your strengths. Nevertheless, a few tips put together below could provide ideas, a successful party and a hug and thank you from your daughter.

Planning process

Being the most important aspect, failing to plan would result in children to wail. Understanding what your child expects along with invitees could provide a direction to progress. Planning timelines, listing requirements as food, party items, entertainment, invitations and others could be documented initially and prioritized subsequently.

The Invitation

Creating an invitation can sometimes be complicated but with readily available material online for purchase, your choice is at the tip of your fingertips. In the case of wanting to add a personal touch, utilizing that creative thought and making something amazing can be a unique experience. Ideally, ample time should be provided for planning and shopping or professional experts reputed for throwing childrens pamper parties Melbourne could be hired to ensure a memorable time.


Shopping for various items such as nail polish, bath bombs, decorations and other requirements could be available locally or having a look online for deals and items could assist immensely in purchasing value for money along with variety. Requesting for assistance another parent willing to partner would be beneficial in the case of professional help not being considered.

Pamper Stations & Bath BombsPlanning on pamper stations for children to occupy themselves with DIY glitter tattoo parlour, foot spa and nail bar could be options depending on the child’s age. Inclusion of activities should be within the experience. Ensuring no is bored during party could be a challenge, but with support from other likeminded parent could be an avenue to explore which would be highly beneficial for the party.Include making of bath bombs which is an easy fun activity. Bath bomb making kits are readily available online and in stores. Scents for the bath bombs are generally included or could be purchased separately if any unique scents are preferred. If the plan is to go big rather than simple, the idea of hiring a professional children’s entertainment Melbourne company could be the ideal choice.

Food & Party Bags

Simple food is considered the best option with the activity levels being mainly the focus. Pizza, sandwiches, cucumbers, carrots and dips would avoid wastage as most theme parties have the tendency to showcase ample food. Cheap party bag options could be items used by them during the party such as foot scrubs, bath bombs, with inclusion of a piece of cake and hand cream or souvenir for each child to take home. With creativity and a plan much can be achieved in throwing a successful party for your daughter and her friends to enjoy and remember.