As a human being, we all need something to eat and drink in order to keep our self-alive. We need to go out for earning bread not for our self but for our family and loved ones as well. People who are not much educated don’t know, how to work in a dangerous environment neither they know about their basic health rights which they should be given at work place.

There are many places in this world where working considered to be dangerous. For example, working in a chemical industry is not easy ad they make hazardous materials survey and harmful chemicals as well. So, they need to be very vigilant and careful bout the health of their employees. 

Likewise, if we talk about the companies who make some kind of material which results in asbestosis in human being. We need to take care in those environments as well.

There are many people who are working in such environments without the healthy precautions and they get effected with asbestosis. In some cases, they don’t even know that they are suffering from this disease. We need to take them as soon as possible to the hospital for the treatments. No treatment on time can lead to death which is not a good thing.

The Precautionary Measures:

Following are the precautionary measures can be taken for the wellbeing of employees and other people who are present at the industry and organisations.


  • Training Sessions:


They should conduct the training sessions for the employees where they cover all the topics and procedures related to their work. For example, if there is a chemical industry and they make medicines then the employees should know about the medicines. They should know in detailed about the procedure of making it and also know all the process of doing things.


  • Awareness Programs:


They should also arrange awareness programs for the employees about the expected accidents. For example, when people working in a chemical industry they come in contact with different kinds of chemicals. Whey they inhale it, they can harm employee’s So, they should know what are the things that can be done in order to save them from any unexpected happening. Also, if there is any accident took place then other people should know what would the next step in order to save him.


  • Formal Attire:


They should wear formal attire. For example, if they are working in a high temperature environment then they should know how to dressed up.

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