Debt collection is the process of retrieving debts that are owned by an individual or a business to another individual or business. There are companies which specialize in this process of retrieving debts; such companies are called debt collection agencies. These agencies provide debt collection services which enables the debtee to recover their debt from the person or business that they have given the debt to. A debt collection agency works on the principle of charging a fixed fee which means that they charge a specific amount to recover the debt which is owed to you. This fee can vary depending on the situation and the amount of effort that the agency has to go through to recover the debt.

A debt collection agency has several tools and processes at its disposal which enable it to recover debts. They can track down the offending party, if they have managed to escape. This is done by using a variety of methods such as contacting their family and friends and using agents on site which enable the agency to track down the debtor. Once tracked down, the agency can force the debtor to either pay the debt or help in securing the collateral which was agreed upon when the debt was given. A collateral is a security that is offered to the debtor which acts as a collateral incase the debtor is unable to return the debt that owed to the debtee. This allows the debtee to have a smaller chance of losing their money. In case, the debt cannot be recovered, this security can be legally repossessed by the debtee which can then be liquidated to recover the debt owed.


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A poor collection of debts can lead to massive cash flow problems to individuals and or businesses. This is especially harmful for those businesses which make a profit by lending out money and receiving interest on the debt that has been given out. Failure to recover a substantial portion of these debts can lead to the business going bankrupt as the business will no longer have enough liquid cash to continue its business.

So, if you are looking for a quality process serving Australia which specializes in the recovery of debt without giving the debtee the hassle of going through court proceedings and repossession paperwork, then Coastal Mercantile should be your top choice. With a large number of dedicated and experienced team members, we ensure that your collection of debt goes smoothly and efficiently!