Before we proceed further with our content, it is important to know that what you all call football is regarded as soccer in this country Australia. In fact, Australians are a die-hard fan of football and always get excited about any news related to it. They are literally so crazy about football that they have their own football league known as the Australian Football League which is also known as the AFL Footy too. Today, we shall be telling you some of the things you probably didn’t know about the foot ball in Afterpay. Let’s find it out.


If you are planning on going for the first time to check out the football match in Australia then calling it Australian football or just football may regard you as a tourist. This is because in Australia, people don’t call it football there, in fact, this particular sports is known as footy. Just like other words, Aussies love to keep the words shorter and just like that, same is the case with football too.

Footy or Rugby?

There is a slight confusion that goes on around in Australia is the fact that when you are talking about footy as a game, most people get confused and often regard to what you are saying as rugby. This usually happens when you are specifically in Queensland or New South Wales where footy has a different meaning i.e. rugby. So make sure you are clarifying your conversation beforehand to avoid any confusion within the locals.

Huge Stadiums

If you are a diehard football fan, Australia is your place to be. Want to know why? Well, this is because Australia is known to be that country which has the biggest football field and stadiums where numerous people can visit at a time. So if you are planning to witness a live game, you know where to head to.

Athletic Players

As a foreigner or a tourist, the first thing that anyone notices about these players is that they have a very athletic body which is not really seen in other football players in the world. These players are known to have a combination of skill, endurance, strength, speed and a good running game too.

Grand Finale

The grand finale of the AFL footy takes place on the last Saturday of September. It is because the enthusiasm in the fans is too much that the government also used to make it a public holiday as people used to stick their eyes on screens to enjoy the match. Other than that, the stadiums are filled to their max capacity as Aussies are crazy about this game.