Gas is used in many industries and has a wide variety of uses ranging from sterilising products to using it as a fuel source to make the flame of a particular temperature. For this purpose, a wide variety of gases are used such as nitrogen and oxygen gases. These are abundantly and freely available in the air but the problem is that these are mixed with other gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide, hydrogen and water vapour. This means that these gases need to be separated from the others in order for them to be used effectively by themselves to provide the effect that is desired. Nitrogen is used in many food production lines to make sure an inert atmosphere is provided to increase the shelf life of products. Nitrogen is a noble gas and is therefore, not very reactive due to its electronic configuration. This makes it the perfect gas to ensure that the food product does not react with anything and any bacteria that is present does not have the environment that is needed for the replication. This increases the shelf life of products dramatically as the food product cannot biodegrade as for that water vapour and oxygen is needed. The nitrogen provides an inert atmosphere which is free from these said gases, which allow for the food product to last for a much longer period of time.

Necessity of Oxygen Gas

Oxygen gas is necessary for life as we know it, and it is also used in a variety of different applications. It is used in the metal making industry, to accelerate chemical reactions and to even filter out impurities by oxidising them. This allows for the purification of the metals and makes for a much more efficient process. In certain cases, oxygen gas is also used to make the flame of a particular temperature. Due to the nature of the oxygen gas, it allows for fire to burn at a much higher temperature and it is also needed for any type of combustion to take place. Oxygen is also used in the healthcare industry where it is used to provide support to patients whose lungs cannot extract sufficient amount of oxygen from the air for their survival.

At Onsite Gas, we provide efficient and compact solutions for generation of gas on site. This means that there is no hassle of having the gas transported onto the site. Our oxygen machine is a fantastic solution for this as it is made from quality materials and is extremely efficient at generating oxygen gas. This also eliminates some of the health and safety concerns of dealing with pressurised gas transport methods which run the risk of exploding at the most minor of mistakes. This makes the oxygen machine an especially reliable and safe solution for the production of gas on site. It is efficient, reliable and most importantly, it is much safer than having gas transported to site from a factory.