Aquaponics is a system which combines two system, one is the aquaculture system which refers to the growing of fish and the second system is the hydroponics which is a system in which soil is used to grow aqua plants. Both of these systems are integrated as one in vertical farming in Australia. Both of these systems support each other. The wastes produced by the fish converts itself to the organic food which helps in the natural nourishment of the plants. Similarly, the plants present in this system helps in filtering and cleaning of the water. A similar kind of the system works in the sea and helps both plants and fish to survive.

Although, the waste produced by the fish are in the solid form and cannot automatically be converted in to the food for the plants therefore a third element is required to complete this procedure. This third element is known as the microbe which is actually a bacteria. This microbe is a special kind of bacteria which is also known as the nitrifying bacteria. The responsibility of this kind of bacteria is that these extract the ammonium from the solid waste of the fish and then transforms this into nitrites. After transforming the ammonium into nitrites then this is converted into nitrates. This nitrate is then used as the food for the plant. The plants consume these nitrates and then this helps them to grow. Another form to which the waste of the fish is converted is the vermicompost. This compound also acts as the food for the plant. Visit  for hydroponic fish tank.

The hydroponic was introduced to overcome the problems and issues which were introduced by the use of traditional soil-based gardening. The very problems that these system faces is the use of pesticides and the use of artificial nutrients.  Even after so much care the pests and weeds are produced in the tank. Moreover, it is very difficult to keep track that when to water and when and how can one put the fertilizers in the right way and in the right amount. The digging that is required is very much heavy and usually performing this digging causes the bending and back pains and strains.

The problem of putting the fertilizers and use of various chemicals is solved in the hydroponic system. In this system, one just need to provide the fish from with the food and this food does not need to be special but it is just ordinary food which is not very much expensive. This food then automatically eventually turns into waste of the fish and then it is converted to the food for the plant.