In ancient times, there was no language to communicate with one another so people used different ways to deliver their message or feelings. With the passage of time, the concept of language was introduced so that people can easily communicate with one another but when the boundaries were demarcated the type of languages also changed. Some people understand one language while others comprehend another. But if someone wants to deliver their message all across the world then they use the method through which everybody can understand their message. For this purpose, there are various ways, one of which is graphic designing. In this article, we will be discussing about graphic design and its various types.

Graphic design:

In simpler words, graphic design Canberra can be defined as a way of communication through visual means like typography, photography and illustration. Typography is the technique of arranging type so to make the message more appealing and attractive. Photography is the display of message through images while illustration is the decoration of the text or the process. A graphic designer combines these three ways of typography, photography and illustration to depict the visual message in appealing way. The concept of graphic designing is used in billboards, signage, magazines, logos, way findings, etc. Conclusively, we can say that graphic design helps in delivering your message in beautiful yet logistic way.

Types of graphic design:

There are various types of graphic designs that have been introduced in the market. There is corporate graphic design in which the visual identity is given to the company or a logo is crafted for a brand through which it can be represented. Then there is editorial graphic design in which covers and layouts of magazines and books are presented in attractive ways. Another type of graphic design is environmental design in which such signage or billboards are made which delivers the message of saving the environment. Besides these types, there is a brand design Sydney which depicts about the type of a product and its features.

Other than the above mentioned types of graphic design, there is web and interface design in which visual representation of mobile applications, vehicles and other appliances is portrayed in creative ways. Then there are production graphic designs, video game art design, communication graphic design and many other such designs which showcase their message by visual representations.


The most basic way of communicating with each other is by the help of language but the use of language also has its limitations because language varies from region to region. So, people have innovated new ways of demonstrating their message or emotions, one of which is known as the method of graphic design. Graphic design is the way of communication through visual representation of your message by the processes of typography, photography and illustration. There are various types of graphic design like corporate graphic design, editorial graphic design and many more such types have been introduces. “Coordinate” company of Australia helps in offering the most creative ways of graphic designing for you project.